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E-commerce and Amazon Aggregator M&A Lawyers

Our specialist team advises and acts on mergers and acquisitions for Amazon FBA (‘Fulfilment by Amazon’) and e-commerce DTC (direct-to-consumer) aggregators as well as brands selling on Amazon, Shopify and other DTC platforms.

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We are a specialist team of M&A and intellectual property lawyers experienced in acting for e-commerce aggregators, Amazon FBA brands and other e-commerce sellers.

We know how quickly deals in this space need to be run, and we are able to achieve completion within tight timeframes for our clients. We understand that keeping your legal costs down is key – whether you are an aggregator seeking to undertake multiple deals or an e-commerce seller wanting to maximise your returns. We are experienced at running cost-effective deals without compromising on quality, and we have technology in-house that allows us to automate the document production process. As a full service law firm we are also able to draw on the expertise of other specialist lawyers as and when needed during the sales process, such as our employment, property, corporate tax or personal tax colleagues.

M&A activity within this sector has grown exponentially over the last couple of years and we are excited to be part of this growth.

How we can help sellers of an e-commerce or Amazon FBA business

For brands, this may be the first time you’ve sold a business or you may be a serial entrepreneur – either way, we can guide you through the full process (if it’s your first time, we’ll explain the basics of M&A and of selling to an aggregator) and assist you with:

  • Preparing your business for sale and making sure you have the right contracts, policies and procedures in place and help you resolve any compliance issues
  • Negotiating the terms of any engagement with a corporate finance adviser
  • Negotiating the letter of intent/heads of terms
  • Setting up and managing a data room (using our own data room software) containing the documentation for due diligence and helping you respond to the buyer’s Q&A
  • Negotiating the share or asset purchase agreement – this is the key document for the transaction
  • Negotiating the ancillary documents, including any service or consultancy agreement if you are staying on with the business post-completion
  • Managing the disclosure process and drafting the disclosure letter – disclosure is an important part of your protection against warranty claims. We’ll talk you through the warranties and help you to make full disclosures
  • Assisting you with the signing and completion process, migrating your accounts to the buyer and making sure you get your completion funds on time
  • Advising on your personal tax position, including ensuring that the sale is carried out in the most tax efficient way for you

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How we can help Amazon aggregators and other e-commerce buyers

For aggregators, whether you are just starting out in the UK or you are running multiple transactions at once, our team can assist with:

  • Drafting and negotiating the letter of intent/heads of terms
  • Undertaking legal due diligence, including reviewing supply and marketing agreements, intellectual property rights and protection, data protection and other regulatory compliance
  • Drafting a legal due diligence report – usually this is a red flag report highlighting only material issues and providing you with viable commercial options on how any issues identified can be resolved efficiently and effectively
  • Drafting and negotiating the share or asset purchase agreement
  • Drafting and negotiating the ancillary documents for completion
  • Managing the process throughout, including signing and completion and the migration process
  • Assisting with any restructuring or legal issues post-completion

Our e-commerce and Amazon aggregator M&A team exhibited at the White Label World Expo at ExCeL London.

Insights from our e-commerce M&A lawyers

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If you are an Amazon aggregator seeking to acquire a brand or a brand seeking to sell to an Amazon aggregator, do get in touch with us using the form below;

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