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10 September 2019

Individual Matters autumn 2019

I am delighted to welcome you to another issue of our client newsletter, Individual Matters. We live in turbulent political times, but the nature of the essential things that are most important to an individual, a family or a trust – marriage, property, birth of children, divorce, wills – are remarkably constant. What does alter, as our circumstances change, is how we should plan for, and respond to, these key life events. A thread that runs through this Individual Matters is how rarely any of us can say ‘that’s sorted for good now’. As our circumstances, and taxation, shift, we always need to be ready to review whether we are placed as best we can be, and to check that we are not suffering unnecessary disadvantage.

Your choice or someone else’s?

Would your will pass its MOT?

‘Marriage predators’ – is your inheritance at risk?

‘Land for the Many’

Nuptial agreements – where are we now?

What next for leasehold reform?

Difficult decisions for independent school governors, teachers and parents – the Teachers’ Pension Scheme

Immigration and tax – a balancing act

Inheritance tax pitfalls of mixed domicile marriages and civil partnerships

‘Simplification’ of Inheritance Tax: what’s not to like?

Team news

As I look around me, it is good to see the many ways, large and small, in which the combined firm is reaping the rewards of the efforts that everyone has put into integration of the best from all sides.

Each of the firms had always enjoyed strong cooperative working relationships among the various specialist advisers who need to be available to see an individual, a family, or a trust through the opportunities and challenges that life presents to all of us over the years. That may be advice on wills, succession and tax planning; dealing with an estate after a death; mental capacity; the pleasures and pains of buying and selling property; the happy side of family law – prenuptial agreements when preparing for a wedding – or the darker side, divorce; and the times when a litigator is needed, ideally to resolve matters satisfactorily without resort to the courts, but to fight for your rights if need be.

Those informal working relationships have now been formalised with the creation of a specific ‘individuals department’ within the merged firm, rendering it even easier for us to give seamless advice to meet your needs.

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