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We aim to integrate CSR into everything that we do.

By combining the talents and efforts of our people, our goal is an effective Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Programme which will have an impact on the community, environment, work place and market place.

As a responsible business, we are committed to conducting business in a socially responsible manner. Our goal is to integrate CSR into everything that we do.

We recognise that there is an appropriate role for business in helping to tackle some of the issues affecting our society. We also recognise that employee volunteering, offering our services for free, and organising charitable fundraising initiatives, creates valuable opportunities for personal development and teamwork.

BDB Pitmans are a proud member of the Legal Sustainability Alliance

We are pleased to confirm that we have completed the baseline assessment of our carbon footprint, with the support of an independent environmental consultancy, Green Element.

This is our first assessment, to enable us to truly understand our environmental impact and we will require enhanced data capture on an ongoing basis to allow us to measure our carbon reduction progress.

The firm has a Climate Change Strategy Group to oversee our carbon reduction programme.

Southampton Green City Pledge

BDB Pitmans have signed a Green City pledge with Southampton City Council and have donated £5,000 to the city’s tree planting scheme. The Council have created the Green City Plan 2030 and, with an office in the city, BDB Pitmans are committed to supporting the Council’s green ambitions.

Employee Nominated Charity

BDB Pitmans have a dedicated CSR group, along with charity giving groups to give back to our local community and beyond.

We frequently organise and co-ordinate fund raising events and activities throughout the year to raise money for our employee nominated charities.

Some of our recent fundraising activities include raffles, quiz nights and Yoga & Pilates classes.

Over the past year alone, BDB Pitmans have raised over £16,000 for our chosen charities.

Over the past year alone, BDB Pitmans have raised over £16,000 for our chosen charities.

We are currently raising money for the following charities:

Community Volunteering and Charitable Donations

Integrated Management System Policy (Formerly known as Environmental Policy)

The Firm is committed to providing a safe, healthy and attractive working environment for our employees, visitors and others living or working in the immediate vicinity.

Information about our environmental objectives and performance can be obtained by contacting our Environmental Manager, who would also welcome any observations you may have on the environmental aspects of our business. See our policy here.

We will continually strive to improve our environmental performance and in particular we will:

  • Seek to ensure compliance with existing and future legislation and any other initiatives or requirements to which the firm subscribes including BS EN ISO14001:2015.
  • Work with relevant external bodies and our own staff to continually improve our environmental performance, prevent pollution and maintain safe and healthy working conditions.
  • Identify and seek to reduce any harmful environmental effects which arise from our business.
  • Minimise, re-use and recycle all materials wherever practicable.
  • Provide environmental training for our staff, and encourage them to apply good environmental practice, both at work and at home.
  • Discuss environmental issues regularly at the highest management levels of the organisation, and take authoritative action as necessary.
  • Review and revise this policy as necessary at regular intervals.
  • Our environmental management system will enable us to monitor our environmental performance, and help us achieve demanding environmental performance objectives.
  • These objectives will be set and reviewed annually and will be measurable.