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Major Infrastructure Projects – Assisting Third Parties

BDB Pitmans is a full service law firm, experienced in advising on the consenting process for major infrastructure projects.

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Planning, Infrastructure and Regeneration

Engaging with the process

The process is complex and for those unfamiliar with it, engaging with it can be a daunting prospect. We are here to help.

If you are concerned about the effects of a proposed infrastructure project, engaging with the promoter at an early stage is usually appropriate as the promoter may be able to amend its proposals to accommodate your concerns before they are finalised. Indeed many promoters welcome early engagement in order to be able to do so.

If it becomes appropriate to do so, responding formally to proposals once an application has been made provides an effective means of bringing your concerns to the attention of the body scrutinising the application. It also provides a further basis on which to negotiate with the promoter, whether, for example, to secure a reduction in the land needed for a scheme or other measures to mitigate its effects. However you may be affected by a proposal and whatever your objectives, our team is well-placed to advise you on your options and how best to engage with the promoter.

Matters we can help you with

There are opportunities to engage at various stages of the relevant consenting process, whether in response to a public or stakeholder consultation, in response to an application that has been made or in more limited circumstances to a consent that has been given.

We can help you to:

  • Establish a strategy to meet your objectives
  • Respond effectively to a consultation exercise
  • Make effective representations in response to an application
  • Pursue your concerns with a promoter in both the pre and post application stages
  • Advocate adjustments to the form of the consent being sought to protect your interests
  • Settle agreements with a promoter that will meet your concerns
  • Negotiate on any land issues arising, including requests for access for surveys or other reasons
  • Present your case at hearings, examinations and inquiries
  • Obtain compensation and deal with blight issues
  • Challenge a consent where appropriate
  • Recover your legal and other costs

Our Expertise

As the largest specialist infrastructure team in the UK, we are well aware of the challenges faced by landowners, local authorities, local residents and others affected by major infrastructure projects. We regularly advise third parties on how to engage effectively with the process to ensure that their concerns are taken into account.

We are also a leading firm of parliamentary agents, experienced in advising upon infrastructure projects authorised by Act of Parliament, such as HS2.

Our recent work has included advising local authorities, statutory authorities, developers, land owners and others affected by a variety of schemes including:

  • The Thurrock Flexible Generation scheme;
  • Sizewell C Nuclear Power Station;
  • The proposed Port of London Harbour Revision Order ;
  • A major highway scheme;
  • The Riverside Energy Park scheme, in South London
  • The Hornsea Project Three Offshore Windfarm ;
  • High Speed 2
  • The Expansion of Heathrow (Third Runway)
  • The Eccles Wastewater Treatment Works