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Committed to making a difference.

At BDB Pitmans we are committed to providing outstanding client service by maintaining the highest standards of professional excellence. Creating an environment for all members of staff which is not only free from any form of discrimination, harassment or bullying, but celebrates and values diversity, is key to meeting this objective.

To do this we are working hard to create an inclusive working environment within which all individuals, regardless of their personal circumstances, are treated with respect, fairness and courtesy and have the opportunity to give their best and be appropriately recognised, rewarded and developed for their contribution.

Penny Chapman, lead partner of our Diversity and Inclusion Strategy Group

‘In 2008 we started our diversity and inclusion journey by forming our Diversity and Inclusion Strategy Group. I am proud to have been a part of this group from the start and even prouder of the work we have achieved since then. In this time some of my highlights have included; becoming one of the top 20 law firms in the Stonewall WEI index in 2014, being a founding member of LeGal BesT, seeing the increasing engagement in the numerous lunch and learn seminars we have held, launching an annual Diversity Week programme, forming our Diversity Champions group and meeting members of Aspiring Solicitors.

While we have already achieved a lot we recognise that there is still a great deal to do. As such we will continue to strive to ensure we are an inclusive place to work, where everyone can be themselves. We will continue to learn more about the differences that we all have and that bring strengths to our firm.’

In September 2020 we appointed our first Diversity and Inclusion manager, Fiona Fleming.

We are committed to championing diversity and inclusivity within the workplace and what better way to demonstrate this than by sponsoring Reading FC Women for the next three seasons, helping them to influence the next generation of female footballers and sports women.

We are also proud sponsors of the AIM Awards 2021 Diversity Champion award.

This award has been created to identify companies, listed on the AIM stock market, who are leaders in terms of fostering diverse thinking and showing that diversity and inclusion is built into their workplace environment.

Why does boardroom diversity matter, what does it look like and how can it be achieved? Read our guide here >

Andrew Smith, Managing Partner and member of the Diversity and Inclusion Strategy Group

‘Diversity and inclusion isn’t just a tick box exercise at BDB Pitmans, we really are trying to build an inclusive firm where everyone’s differences are embraced and valued.

I’m proud to be a member of the Strategy Group and ensure that diversity and inclusion at BDB Pitmans is given the priority and support it deserves.’

Our Diversity and Inclusion initiatives