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Family and Matrimonial

A highly acclaimed divorce and family team that provide clear, strategic and pragmatic advice.

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    We can advise on

    Financial settlements on divorce/dissolution
    Enforcement of financial settlements
    Separation agreements
    Arrangements for children
    Relocation with children abroad
    Specific issues concerning children
    Child maintenance and enforcement
    Collaborative law

    We can assist across all of our offices in London, Cambridge, Reading and Southampton.

    Our approach

    The breakdown of any relationship can be difficult and filled with emotion, especially when that is to be followed by separation, divorce, issues concerning the future welfare of children, division of family finances and general uncertainty about the future. During these difficult and stressful times you can rely on our family lawyers to work with you, to listen to your concerns and understand not only these emotions, but the complex issues that may need to be tackled in respect of your family. Knowing the law is a given. We pride ourselves on our ability to adapt and provide innovative ways of thinking to achieve your strategic aims. The relationship we have with you is key.

    How do we do this? Our lawyers are all specialists that are known for providing an excellent service, which is focused on achieving the best outcomes for our clients. That is why we regularly receive referrals from former clients and other professionals who feel confident in recommending us. We are known for our empathy and discretion, as well as our ability to tailor our approach for those who remain amicable to those who require a tough and no-nonsense approach.

    Our clients

    We act for a variety of individuals, but often represent professionals, entrepreneurs, business owners, public figures, landowners and their spouses/partners. Our clients come to us from all over the country as well as from abroad. If litigation is required, our approach is robust. However, our team also consists of mediators and collaborative lawyers. We will look at all options for you, including arbitration. We will quickly establish a plan of action with you and work out which avenue suits your circumstances.

    Our services

    We cover the full spectrum of family law from divorce, to finances and children. We are particularly renowned for our expert advice on complex financial matters that can involve international aspects, businesses, pre-acquired and inherited assets, trusts and third party interests. We have extensive experience in prenuptial and postnuptial agreements: working to protect your assets. We also have a number of children specialists who are able to guide you through the bespoke nature of resolving the arrangements for who a child should live with and spend time with, as well as dealing with specific issues such as schooling, internal/international relocation or emergency protective orders where these are necessary. Where required, we also work closely with our private wealth team to ensure you have seamless advice.

    Our Services

    • 1 Marriage or civil partnership
      Committing to a marriage or civil partnership is an important time to understand your legal rights. Every situation is unique, and should there be a dispute we’re here to help you avoid costly battles.


      We can advise on:
      • Pre-nuptial and post-nuptial agreements
      • Divorce and separation

      Civil partnership

      We can advise on:
      • Pre-civil and post-civil partnership agreement
      • Same sex marriage
      • Separation and dissolution

    • 2 Mediation
      Family mediation can help separating couples resolve difficult issues without going through costly litigation and court proceedings.
    • 3 Arrangements for children
      Whatever the circumstance, caring for your child’s future will always be our priority.

      Arrangements for children

      You may be facing divorce, ending a civil partnership, entering a relationship as a step parent or separating with / without a cohabitation agreement. In any situation your children’s future arrangements should be cared for.

      We can advise on:
      • Appointing a guardian
      • Contact with children
      • Financial support and maintenance
      • Parental responsibility and paternal rights
      • Wills and inheritance

      Child abduction

      With the emotions and stress that come with a divorce, either partner may wish to return to their home country and take their children with them. Removing a child from the country where they live without your spouse’s written consent is considered abduction and is a criminal offence. When questioning your residence during divorce proceedings, you must seek advice as it is likely you will need the courts permission.

      If you are considering entering a marriage, a civil partnership or are moving abroad we would advise you to consider whether your joint financial plans should be recorded in an agreement setting out which financial assets you each own. This can outline, if the relationship were to breakdown, which law should apply and what should happen. The weight given to a nuptial agreement differs from country to country.

      As members of Lexwork international we have contacts with over 2500 lawyers in major cities across Europe, America and Asia.

    • 4 Cohabitation agreements
      No matter the length of time, any couple living together have fewer rights than those that are married or within a civil partnership. It is important to document your intentions in advance to offer legal protection if the relationship were to breakdown.

      We can minimise the legal and financial problems associated with separation through a cohabitation agreement. The terms ‘common law spouses’ or ‘common law husband and wife’ do not confer any legal rights or financial obligations, so if no contract is drawn you could be left with nothing, or a complex and costly dispute.

      You should question the following:
      • Financial arrangements
      • What would happen should you separate or your partner dies
      • What should happen to the children
      • How you will support your children should you break up
      • How you will agree on maintenance, welfare, education and contact arrangements

      Once agreed at the beginning, this can save on the pressures and heartache in the event of a break up.

    • 5 Divorce or separation
      The financial consequences of a relationship ending can be both daunting and complicated.

      We are here to guide you through the proceedings and ensure you are well protected. We will work closely with you to defend your interests, whether through the courts or alternative dispute resolution, and practically advise on any immediate financial concerns, maintenance and the division of assets.

      We can advise on:
      • Division of finances
      • Debts
      • Finalising arrangements with a consent order
      • Future arrangements for your children
      • Hidden assets
      • Mortgages
      • Protecting your business, property and trusts
      • Pensions
      • Splitting a pension pot rather than retirement income
      • Wills
      International Divorce

      International or expat divorces can be extremely complex with laws differing from country to country.

      The English legal system often provides financially beneficial results which are quicker and more effective. It is important to speak with a legal advisor as soon as possible before issuing divorce proceedings.

      We can advise on:
      • Child contact orders, relocation and abduction
      • Financial claims, pensions and tax implications
      • Freezing assets
      • Laws involving multiple jurisdictions
      • Protecting offshore businesses and trusts
      • Location of divorce proceedings

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    Our Offices

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    EC1A 7BL

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    CB1 2JH

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    The Anchorage, 34 Bridge Street
    Reading RG1 2LU

    4 Grosvenor Square
    Southampton SO15 2BE

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